Minnesota grown black angus beef you can buy directly from our pasture this summer.

A Great time to Buy Fresh Beef!

Taking Orders NOW!

America’s A+ Angus Beef sold to
Lower 48 United States Only!

Natural grown alfalfa hay for healthy black angus beef you can buy from our farm.

We raise our purebred black angus from birth to butcher weight.

Purebred black angus calf we will raise for you to butcher weight desired.

Buy Fresh Beef.  Reserve your angus beef now, we raise on pasture.

America’s A+ Angus Beef is all natural raised - - FREE of Growth Hormone implants and Antibiotics.

Our Black Angus cattle graze on lush green pastures part of the year and throughout the winter we feed angus high quality alfalfa hay and corn silage we grow. We cut, bale or chop feed crops ourselves from our farm land. The diet is supplemented with natural vitamins and minerals to insure the health of our angus beef herd.

Our Purebred Black Angus Beef cattle are born and raised on our farm near Lengby, Minnesota. We farm with sustainable farming practices. Pasture raised, no feedlots, no force feeding of growth hormones or antibiotics. Pasture with rotational grazing and crop rotations. We use organic manure fertilizer and limited commercial fertilizer on crop and pasture land.

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